fredag den 4. januar 2013

Cat food measuring cup/bowl - CANCELLED

We have measuring cups specifically for cat food. However, for at least the next five years, we are going to need the same amount of cat food each time (25 g two times a day). I would be faster and easier to have a measuring cup measuring exactly that, in stead of filling a beaker to a specific line.

Furthermore, getting the food from the measuring cup to the cat food bowl can be a problem, as the cats are quite eager for getting the food, so the cat food bowl might already be full of cat. This problem could be avoided if the measuring cup was also the food bowl.

It turns out that my printer is not guaranteed to print food-safe objects, so I will not work further with this idea. I suppose you could paint the finished object, but I don't want to research food-safe paints at the moment.

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