torsdag den 10. januar 2013

Möbius ring

My wife asked for a ring shaped like a Möbius band. I thought it would be a good first try at making something, so I started making it in openSCAD.

On left: Prototype 1: The first thing I have designed and printed myself! On right: Prototype 2.

All prototypes was printed with 0,27 mm layer thickness.

The first prototype had a radius of 1 cm, and was a bit too narrow for her finger. It was increased to 1.2 cm in prototype 2. Prototype 1 was 3 mm high, which was doubled in prototype 2.

The second prototype was a bit to wide, so the third prototype had 1.1 cm radius. I also disliked the uneveneness of the turn, so I made it more even. However, in order for the openSCAD rendering not to take FOREVER I could not just increase the segment number. I now had to make it in three parts. There must be an easier way, but I can't find it right now. openSCAD doesen't seem to like for(i=XXX), where XXX is a vector equation, and I can't define the segment size for each loop, as variables are global. I suppose I could make a vector of segment sizes, but I cant find how to get an arbitrary value out of a vector.

Third prototype was beautiful, according to both me and my wife, so I rendered it again with 0.1 mm layer thickness.

Final ting would not stick to build surface, so a raft was added.

Left: Prototype 3. Right: Final ring

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