onsdag den 2. januar 2013

Self-watering hanging flower pots

I would like some flower pots for herbs to hang on my kitchen walls. To avoid them dying when I forget to water them, as self-watering system would be nice. There exists some commercial products, but none are hanging.

My design will be based on the same principle as the Eva Solo one in the above link:
There will be two pots: The top will be for soil and plant, the bottom will be for water. A non-biodegradable wick will move the water (nylon? Can I print this in PLA?).

The top pot will have a hook for hanging on to the rod on the wall. The bottom one will hang from the top one. I think it will be easier if both are square, so that is what I will try first.

Most plants (some orchids excluded) don't like light on their roots, and as I have only got white plasitc to print in, I will need to spray-paint the top pot. I think black on the inside will be best. Perhaps white on the outside as well.

The bottom pot will be transparant so I can see how much water is in there.

As I am going to print in PLA, which is bio-degradable, I will need to apply another surface to the inside of the bottom pot as well. I have to find a transparant non-biodegradable lacquer.

The bottom pot must have an opening so I can pour in water without disassembling the pot.

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